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Musical Montage: Vitamin C “Vacation”

Probably best known for her song “Graduation (Friends Forever” that will play at high school graduations from now until eternity, Vitamin C aka Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick also contributed the theme song for the Pokemon short, Pikachu’s Vacation, the aptly named “Vacation”.  The short was attached at the beginning of Pokemon: The First Movie and found Ash, Pikachu and the gang hanging out at a theme park and battle a group of bully Pokemon in various beach sports.  The song was included on the Pokemon: The First Movie soundtrack but was never released as a single or on any Vitamin C albums.  Colleen Fitzpatrick has done a ton of movie, video game, and TV related work, appearing in movies like Dracula 2000 and Rock Star and she actually started out as a actress, making her debut in John Waters’ version of Hairspray before becoming the lead singer of the alt-rock band Eve’s Plum until 1998, when she completely remarketed herself as a pop star with Vitamin C.  There’s no official music video for Vacation but you can look into Squirtle’s eyes for 3 minutes below and listen to the song.

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