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The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #5

Posted on July 9, 2019 by

Rebuilt and broken, then rebuilt again, Steve Austin has reduced the value of his million dollar parts. After making a crash landing into Hawaii, Steve, and Niko Abe must figure out a way to stop Amari’s plan to kill the vice president. But the two agents have a few problems to handle first. First, they do not have any backup support. Second, Steve’s bionic parts are heavily damaged. And lastly, they both do not know what Amari looks like. Steve and Niko will go into the danger blind, and hope for the best!

Niko Abe was surprised when her request for a platoon of soldiers to stop Amari was answered with just Steven Austin. Speaking no Japanese or having any formal training, Niko thought her new partner was doomed from the start. However, armed guards, ninjas, lightning bolts and an attack Helicopter weren’t enough to stop Steve. But it did manage to slow him down. Steve hopes he has enough in himself and his parts to managed one last chance to stop Amari.

The Six Million Dollar Man has been exciting and hilarious series. The super spy story was fantastic for newcomers to get familiar with a classic character. Christopher Hastings interpretation of Steve Austin has a great sense of wit, charming, and overconfidence that makes him lovable. David Hahn’s art style captured funny character moments. Steve cocky smiles and Niko’s dismissive looks accented the hilarious moments. 

Steve Austin’s first mission as a bionic spy goes wrong in all the right ways. This series is playful with the idea of a super spy that doesn’t follow the rules or even read his bionic instruction manual. The Six Million Dollar Man delivers fun slapstick action that any comic fan should check out. 

The Six Million Dollar Man #5 will be on sale on July 10th, 2019.

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