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Everything Action Theater: Taxi Brooklyn

Shortly before her current gig on Supergirl and weirdly in-between her role on Grey’s Anatomy, Chyler Leigh was the star of the short-lived and ridiculous NBC summer show Taxi Brooklyn, that lasted for one season in 2014 on NBC.  The convoluted path to the show’s creation begins in France with 1998’s Taxi, written by action auteur Luc Besson.  That movie had four sequels and spawned the Hollywood remake, also called Taxi, that starred Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah in 2004

10 years, NBC took the premise and turned into an action/comedy procedural that had nothing to do with either movie but weirdly co-starred Jennifer Esposito, who co-starred in 2004’s Taxi as Jimmy Fallon’s boss but on Taxi Brooklyn was the medical examiner.  Chyler Leigh starred as Detective Caitlin “Cat” Sullivan, who gets her driver’s license suspended while pursuing a case.  Refusing to quit, she hijacks a taxi driven by Leo Romba (Jacky Ido), who hails from France, and through wacky circumstances, Leo basically becomes her chauffeur and partner as they solve crimes together.  The show was rightfully ridiculed on The Soup back in the day (which is the only reason I know it existed) and joins the likes of Viva Laughlin as weird moments of insanity from one of the major networks.  You can check out the entire first episode below (You’ll have to deal with all the video being reversed because it was the only full copy I could find).

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