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News Shotgun 7/27

  • Big Mouth Renewed for Three More Seasons: Netflix renewed their raunchy animated series Big Mouth, co-created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, for three more seasons.  It was recently renewed for a third season but this new order adds three more seasons on top of that, making Big Mouth go for at least six seasons.
  • Designated Survivor and Tuca & Bertie Canceled: Speaking of Netflix, they also canceled two of their series this week.  The animated series Tuca & Bertie, which starred Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, was canceled after 1 season and Designated Survivor was canceled after the third season debuted on Netflix.  Netflix saved Designated Survivor from cancelation at ABC but apparently, it wasn’t the House of Cards level replacement they were looking for.
  • Regal Cinemas getting an unlimited ticket service: Following on the heels of AMC’s successful Stubs A-List service, Regal Cinemas are getting into the ticket subscription model with a new series of plans unveiled this week.  Starting at $18 a month,  you can see unlimited movies at 200 select Regal cinemas and also get a discount on concessions.  You have to pay $23.50 a month for access to every Regal Cinema in the country and there’s a $21 plan for 400 select theaters.  The plan doesn’t include 3D or Imax, but you can order them in the app that will be tied to the new plan.  The plans should be rolling out soon.
  • 1000th Criterion release is a massive Godzilla set: Criterion is celebrating their 1000th release with a massive Godzilla collection.  Godzilla: The Showa Era 1954-1975 collects every Godzilla movie between Godzilla (1954) to Terror of Mechagodzilla (1974) for 15 movies in total and all of them will be remastered and the set will be jammed with special features, as per usual for Criterion.  The set will be available on October 29th this year.
  • Jeff Bridges starring in new FX series: Jeff Bridges is coming to FX in a new spy thriller series The Old Man.  Coming from the team behind Black Sails and based on a novel, The Old Man has Bridges starring as Dan Chase, who left the CIA and has been living off the grid until an assassin arrives to try and kill him.  Chase has to figure out why someone wants him dead and face his past again.  The pilot will go into production this fall.
  • Limited Run Games releases classic Star Wars games: Collector favorites Limited Run Games re-released a pair of classic Star Wars game on cartridge yesterday (7/26) and, in classic Limited Run fashion, they are mostly already sold out.  Shadows of the Empire and Empire Strikes Back on Atari got new collector’s editions in various different boxes, including on an action figure style card, and the games were on brand new cartridges to play on the original system.  Hopefully, another run will be made soon on Limited Run’s site but also keep an eye out if you go to any video game conventions in the coming months.
  • Hulu developing a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series: Douglas Adams’ classic comedy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is coming back again thanks to Hulu (although it has never left in the hearts of sci-fi/comedy nerds).  Hulu is developing a new original series based on the book with Carlton Cuse and Jason Fuchs behind the show.  No word on a release date or casting yet.
  • RIP Rutger Hauer: Legendary character actor Rutger Hauer passed away from an undisclosed illness on July 19th (the news was not released until after his funeral services this past Wednesday).  Hauer is most famous for playing Roy Batty in Blade Runner but was a genre staple for decades, appearing in movies and TV shows like Surviving the Game, The Hitcher, Nighthawks, Blind Fury, Channel Zero: Butcher Block and even games like the recent Observer.  He was 75.
  • Doom Patrol renewed for a second season: DC Universe’s quirky companion series to Titans has been renewed for a second season on the streaming service.  There’s no word on when season two will air but Titans’ second season will begin in September this year, so possibly sometime, after that season ends, is when Doom Patrol will pick back up.

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