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The Pull List – Crackdown #3

Posted on July 29, 2019 by

As vicious gangs terrorize the city of San Reno, an offer of relief comes from an unexpected benefactor. TerraNova, a mega-corporation has sent rescue crafts to help transport the citizens from the city. However, this relief can quickly become turmoil if the roaming gangs decide to strike. Now the Agents mobilize to protect the rescue operation but are they fast enough to counter-attack all the foes?

When the city is at it’s worst, TerraNova arrives in time to help. Isolated from the Agency and their advanced suits depowered, the Agents welcome any support they can get. The gangs have stepped up their intensity and are targeting any civilians they can get their hands. Team leader Roll makes her way to coordinate with the TerraNova armed forces while the other agents handle multiple crises in the streets. 

Crackdown continues to be an over the top story filled with macho dialogue and explosive action. Jonathan Goff leans into the strapping archetypes of a grizzle squad jumping from one problem to another.  The attack on the Agency and the city-wide blackout causes the Agents to grit down and handle their dangerous situation with any means possible. The story is building up to its final chapter and will see if there is a dawn for this darken city. 

Crackdown #3 was released on July 24th, 2019.
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