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The Pull List – Second Coming #2

Posted on August 15, 2019 by

The saviors from space and heaven are back for another chapter in their unusual team-up story. Sunstar has accepted Jesus as his trainee and the two go out on patrol. But their opinion on how to fight crime and help save people are completely different, which leads to God coming down for a few words. Also included in this issue: A list of questions and instructions to make a visit to the city enjoyable in Important NYC Checklists by Matt Buechele, with art by Dan Schoeneck. A short shorty about a driver, his client and the troubles of job security in The Fare by J. Endress, with art by Anne Sullivan.

Second Comings: Life of the Party finds Sunstar facing backlash from an incident gone wrong. He thought he was stopping an alien invasion, but ended up involved in a tragic misunderstanding. The guilt weighs on Sunstar’s super shoulders, placement more pressure to his stressful life, but at least he found himself a new roommate. Jesus is shadowing the superhero, learning about the ways modern saviors are helping people. However, when a stalker threatens Sunstar’s girlfriend Shelia, his emotions get the better of him and all the hero can see is red. 

Issue two sees how the two mixed-match pair are different in certain parts but have a few common areas. Mark Russell explores the paradigm of heroism and fate, showing that there are similarities between the two subjects. Sunstar may be the symbol of justice to his people, but in private, he still has the raw emotions. Jesus also comes from a level of set expectations, always wondering if he is living up to that goal. Russell re-examines a few contentious subjects in his writing, mainly about Christianity and masculinity. With all of their abilities, Sunstar and Jesus are no different from the people they want to protect. The writing is sentimental and witty, Russell doesn’t let a scene become too much fo a comedy without some dramatic flair. 

Richard Pace’s flexes his artistic talents with a mix of different styles depending on which scene. The earth scenes with colored by Leonard Kirk and Andy Troy giving off the classic superhero graphics people have come to expect from modern comics. The heaven scenes are handled by Pace and the surreal environment of a heavenly paradise. There are fun nods to the designs of oddball design superhero characters and some real-life places that are sadly not around anymore.

Second Coming #2 has some rough edges on the narrative and designs, but can easily be overlooked for the dazzling story that isn’t afraid make fun of itself. The third issue will see how well the series can set up a focus that is beyond its controversial premise and find its own unique voice. 

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