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The Pull List – Red Sonja #7

By Chris

Dragan’s invasion had forced Sonja to become the leader to the land that had taken almost everything from her. Forced to become a queen, she rallied troops and openly defiled Dragan’s soldiers, sending humiliating defeats to his ego. However, Sonja has suffered a critical blow in the exchange. When a negotiation results in the death of her cousin, Sonja doesn’t just want to protect Hyrkania, she wants to see him put Dragan down. With each side committed to destroying the other, the full Zamoran caravan marches towards Sonja’s encampment. If Sonja wants to be the queen her people need, she must outsmart Dragan before he destroys all of Hyrkania.

The war between Zamora and Hyrkania becomes a personal vendetta as Sonja is cut from her last connection to her family. Her cousin Kyron was the last living relative and a reminder of the happy childhood moments. The lost of Kyron sparks a quiet rage in Sonja, trying not to let her emotions dictate the upcoming battle. One wrong move and the Zamoran army could plow through Sonja’s men. 

The next installment of Sonja’s reign as a wartime queen shows Sonja’s militant abilities. Mark Russell continues to show Sonja’s tactical mind in fun and creative ways while showing the fury that let her earn the feared title fo She-Devil. Bob Q brings strong visuals that keep the aesthetics similar to the previous issues. The action is fast and extended with big movements and emotions. Bob Q throws in a good measure of bloody details for shock and even more twisted design to catch the reader off guard. 

Issue #7 sees Sonja maturing as a ruler. Her consequences now affect a country, and each victory and defeat weighs heavy on her.  The series is smart, witty and has a villain that you love to hate.

Red Sonja #7 was released on August 14th, 2019.

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