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The Pull List – Livewire #9

Posted on August 19, 2019 by

After attempting to shut PSEP down caused Serena Byrne to go into hiding. Looking to find clues of where PSEP whereabouts, Amanda infiltrations a government building for answers. While she is willing to work outside the normal laws, she is finding it difficult to protect her psiot friends and family as a fugitive. However, a daring politician offers Amanda a chance to ally with his campaign and get a new public image in America.

Amanda continues to wage a one person wage on stopping the US government from controlling all psiots, but what if she can convince the war to end with the public’s help. John Wright, a small politician looking to run for senator, seeks out Amanda as a representative to speak out against the anti-psiot community. If Amanda can win over the hearts and minds of the American people, it would stop the hate for psiots and could prevent future disasters. Is Amanda ready to give up her private fight to join a political game?

Vita Ayala and Tana Ford lead Amanda into a different type of fight in this new story arc. Ayala brings an interesting element to Liverwire’s story by introducing new characters looking to take a stance on the psiot topic. While using her powers to bring down corrupt institutions has worked for Amanda in the past, it has painted her to be a villain too often. With a political partner like John Wright, it could lead her one step back to helping the psiot from being hated. Ford gives an exciting performance in the opening scenes of this issue. The action beautifully flows with showing off Amanda’s arsenal of kick-ass moves and abilities. Ford’s has a very animated style that makes the visuals pop with a lot of detail and emphasizes.

Livewire #9 has an amazing start for a fresh storyline that will bring Amanda to new challenges and new foes. There are plenty of areas fo explore with this concept and is just heating up for things to come.

Livewire #9 will be on sale on August 21st, 2019.

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