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The Pull List – Vampirella #2

By Chris

Vampirella juggles her dating life and her night time justice activities in this revealing issue of Vampirella’s past. Tired of her mother’s reminder of having an isolated life, Vampirella goes out for a night. But there are not many people that she can find suitable to her lifestyle. Meanwhile, Vampirella also has an assignment to meet up with a special militant strike team of killer Nuns, hunting down a satanic cult in Beverly Hills. Can the alien vampiric heroine find the balance for her crusade to save humanity and romance?

The nighttime vigilante can be a lonely situation, luckily Vampirella can attract all sorts of desirable people. Whether it’s potential dates from a speed dating event or allies to fight dark forces, some people are easily drawn to Vampirella. Looking to fill a void in her life, Vampirella seeks companionship. However, it’s not easy to have a love life when evil comes lurking from the shadows almost every night. Her choice of allies is also pretty interesting. Working with the Six Mary’s, the killer nuns with guns isn’t the most perfect partnership. Considering these Nuns see vampires as unholy creatures, but make an exception for Vampirella. It’s a respected collaboration, but it’s not built on a strong foundation.

Packed with love, guts, and nuns, Vampirella #2 knows how to ramp up a story. Christopher Priest presents a modern take on Vampirella, one that carries on her personal mission to protect the innocent while trying to have some fun. Priest shows off some interesting development’s in Vampirella’s life, like how her mother Lilith has instilled some self-conscious troubles and dealing with emotions with others.

Ergün Gündüz’s artwork is silky smooth and incredibly detailed. The mood shifts from horror, to comedy, to romances, in easily identifiable visuals. The speed dating scene is hilarious and captures some of the pain of meeting thirsty strangers. The Six Mary’s are quirky, with have great designs to keep the traditional nun look with some intimating flair.

Vampirella #2 has a teen rating, but it’s like an 80s era PG-13 rating that pushes the boundary in creative ways. Seeing more of Vampirella humanity is pretty cool and shows her some vulnerabilities to her nearly unstoppable powers. The story is still introducing new elements that are going to be interconnected and shocking in later parts of the narrative.

Vampirella #2 is was released on August 21st, 2019.

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