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The Pull List – Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #4

By Chris

Suspected for the gruesome murders, Vampirella’s every move is watched by the citizens of Riverdale. To avoid any more suspension, Sonja and Vampirella hideout at Veronica’s house. With no leads on the real killer, Veronica revisits the last crime scene while Betty attends the Pussycats charity concert at Riverdale High. Betty covers the events for the school’s newspaper but is unaware that the real news is soon to break.

Just when the group thinks it has a chance to bust the mysterious killer, the tables have turned and now one of their own looks guilty. Vampirella is accused of picking off the students and faculty of Riverdale High after being found sampling some of the blood at the blood bank. Betty and Veronica’s friend Dilton was barely left alive after an attack and is the only witness to the real killer. However, his injuries put in him a coma, delaying all chance for answers. To honor the tragedies, the Pussycats put on a concert at Riverdale High. The cat theme rock band draws in a crowd, but maybe attract something sinister from the darkness.

Issue four shows the series has some a few more surprises left. The pacing has been great to tease the real villain behind the killings while exploring more of the Riverdale community. The Pussycats have been mentioned in the past, and finally, get an appearance that is worth the wait. The murder-mystery is about to be revealed in the next and last issue, and should not be missed by any fan.

Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #4 will be on sale on August 28th, 2019.

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