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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #8

Posted on August 28, 2019 by

When Balthazar’s aging looks and charms won’t add numbers to this tally, drastic measures were taken. With the help of plastic surgery, Balthazar’s gets an updated look. However, his new face brings out a whole new set of problems. Determine to save his family and his old appearance, Balthazar sets off to reach a million infected victims. Meanwhile, Marla is dealing with her own problems on adding counts to her name. With limited options, Marla turns to an old friend to catch up with the pack.

The altered Balthazar has been modified to help increase his attraction, but it cost him part of his real identity. Balthazar had gone under different alias over the years, but at least his looks were consistent. While this annoys Balthazar, Tyler is having a great time watching the events unfold. Back at home, Marla sense of reality is tested. The stress of protecting her family from Die-Off Endeavors pushes Marla to come up with an odd tactic. But in a strange situation like this, maybe being getting stranger is the answer?

Going for shocking value, issue eight gets very crazy to see how Balthazar and Tyler, and now Marla will increase their victim tally. The crude jokes in the writing and artwork create a few surprises will make anyone with a twisted sense of humor chuckle a bit. When you think the story can’t get any more random, there is a little moment that makes the story go unhinged. It’s a fun read for Chuck Palahniuk fans to see the writer flex some of his trade more dark wit and makes the reader eager for the next issue.

Fight Club 3 #8 will be on sale on August 28th, 2019.
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