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Musical Montage: Astrid Plane “You’re Not a Lover”

By Zach

Best known for his role as John Kreese in The Karate Kid series, Martin Kove also starred in some cheesy B-action movies, most notably 1987’s Steele Justice.  Kove starred as Vietnam vet John Steele, who has had trouble adjusting to life at home since the war.  When his best friend Lee is killed, John goes on mission of revenge against those who committed the crime in classic 80s action fashion, with plenty of car chases, shootouts and gearing up montages.  Speaking of montages, we previously featured Steele Justice’s gearing up montage song, “Fire with Fire”, on Musical Montage but there’s another major musical moment the proceeds one of the big action set pieces towards the middle of the movie. John’s love interest Tracy, played by Sela Ward, is a music video director and is directing a video for Astrid Plane for her song “You’re Not a Lover” but it’s about to be ambushed by goons led by the one only Al Leong.  Astrid Plane was actually a member of 80s group Animotion, who put out massive, actual hit songs like “Obsession”.  Check out the whole music video sequence from Steele Justice below.

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