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The Pull List – Red Sonja #8

By Chris

Chased through their own land, Sonja and her army seek aid from the neighboring kingdom, the woodland tribes. Sonja must convince Lord Oak, the high ranking member of the tribe, to join forces. However, the woodland tribes have not forgotten their last battle with the Hyrkanias. Dragan’s malicious influence had convinced Lord Oak’s own nephew Vorgon, to strike against Sonja and resulted in his death. Both kingdoms are cautious about their meeting and trust will not be earned so easily. Can Lord Oak and Sonja find a solution before Dragan’s massive army arrives?

In an attempt to rebuild her forces, Sonja turns to the woodland tribes for support. For years, the Hyrkanians and the woodland tribes had a respectable alliance, one that left each other alone from their own affairs. But the alliance was shattered when Vorgon leads an attack against Sonja and Sonja personally slaying Vorgon in combat. She faces a difficult console with Lord Oak, who remembers Sonja’s actions and the needs of his own people.

Meanwhile, back at Sonja’s camp, Dragan’s adviser Foghor, offers his service to Sonja. Disfigured and telling a nearly believable story, Sonja allows Foghor to stay. The crazed ruse plays along what Dragan would have given out as punishment and thinks Foghor wouldn’t have done this to himself. However, loyalty and madness surprisingly run hand and hand.

Red Sonja #8 shows Sonja uses her position as queen to make a diplomatic approach, but she has not gone soft. While she may speak as one voice for her whole people, she isn’t afraid to raise her sword if needed.  Lord Oak and Sonja’s interaction is pretty cool. The two have different concerns that will greatly affect their own people and give a compelling argument about their beliefs. But when words fail, a good steel sword is there to help.

Red Sonja #8 was released on September 11, 2019.

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