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Musical Montage: Jon Bon Jovi “Blaze of Glory”

For 1990s sequel to the hit western Young Guns, Emilio Estevez approached Jon Bon Jovi to see if they could use Bon Jovi’s iconic “Wanted Dead or Alive” for the movie’s soundtrack.  Jon Bon Jovi didn’t think the lyrics really matched a western and, instead, he cranked out a more lyrically appropriate track, “Blaze of Glory”.  The song was also the title track of Bon Jovi’s solo album of the same name and was a massive hit, hitting #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Mainstream Rock charts and it’s Bon Jovi’s only chart-topper away from his band.  Bon Jovi also appeared in a cameo alongside Young Guns II producer/writer John Fusco in a scene where Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips are tossed into a prison pit.  Bon Jovi made a music video to go along with the song, where he’s performing on a desert cliffside drive-in movie theater where the projector screen plays clips from the movie behind him, check it out below.

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