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The Pull List – Strayed #2

Posted on September 17, 2019 by

The universe is endless and infinite, and Lou is tasked with searching in the blackness for signs of life. With every galaxy discovered, Lou has to visit every planet and report his findings. Each mission is a risk on Lou’s health and stress for his handler Kiara. The two have found an important discovery that could change how humans thrive for generations, but a corrupt government overlord wants to dominate all living life. While Lou and Kiara thought they were helping humanity learn about space, Premier Peely has been making plans to rule it all.

Lou and Kiara believed their exploration into uncharted territories would help find new resources to sustain humanity. Their purpose was noble and their efforts would grant Lou freedom once his work was done. However, it all changed once a mysterious energy source known as the flower began to appear. Premier Peely, earth’s top official, has his eyes set on harvesting as many flowers across the planet find it’s original creators. Peely’s obsession now threatens Lou’s safety and the future of all life forms.

Carlos Giffoni and Juan Doe explain the corrupt purpose of Lou’s exploration and the imminent threat of Premier Peely. Lou is an adorable cat that wishes nothing more to be done with the astral traveling and rest with Kiara. He continues to push himself harder only to make Kiara happy and doesn’t understand the consequences. It pulls on the hearts strings of any cat owners in all the right ways. Lou is curious, playful and a bit random like a regular household cat. However, his special ability makes him a tool for a corrupt power.  Giffoni presents Lou as a sort of tragedic hero, forced to listen to the voices of others just to have some happiness. 

Juan Doe’s double duty as illustrator and colorists allows him to show off his creative freedoms to bring to life many strange creatures and settings. The imaginative designs show off interesting alien beings that have humanoid features, robotic structures and out worldly appearances. Its a nice change of pace from the typical bug-eyed green men stereotype.

Strayed #2 draws in the reader with a grand sci-fi story that neatly tells it’s core message while showing some amazing visuals.

Strayed #2 will be on sale on September 18th, 2019.
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