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Action Hero of the Week: Deke DaSilva

Name: Deke DaSilva

Occupation: NYPD Detective

Family: Irene DaSilva (Wife)

Allies: Detective Matthew Fox, Lt. Munafo, Inspector Hartman

Enemies: Heymar “Wulfgar” Reinhardt, Shakka Holland

Weapon(s) of Choice: M1911A1, Smith & Wesson Model 29, Remington 870

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote:

Deke DaSilva: Lieutenant? I just got these latest transfer orders from the Captain.

Lt. Munafo: Yeah, don’t sing me any operas. I’m not feeling well right now and I’m in a bad mood.

Deke DaSilva: I’m not gonna sing any operas. I’m talking about these transfer orders. Come on, Munafo. I’ve been working Decoy for nine years and now I’m pulled and I’d like to know why.

See Deke in Action:

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