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Mark Dacascos Battles the Undead in The Driver (Trailer)


Mark Dacascos never really went away, having been the Chairman of Iron Chef America for years, but it’s only recently that he’s really gotten back to his action/martial arts roots with co-starring roles in stuff like John Wick Chapter 3 and Wu Assassins.  He’ll put his skills to the test in November when he and his family have to survive a zombie apocalypse in The Driver.  Dacascos plays a former hit-man who is trying to survive with his wife and daughter in a compound after an infection spreads worldwide and unleashes a swarm of zombies.  When the compound is attacked, the family must flee and head for a fabled safe zone called Haven up north, while Dacascos teaches his daughter the skills needed to survive in the new world.  Dacascos’ real-life wife and daughter, Julie Condra and Noelani Dacascos co-star with him and Wych “Kaos” Kaosayananda is directing, who directed the infamous Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever. Hopefully, he’s improved in the years since that movie hit theaters and the promise of Dacascos karate-kicking some zombies has us on-board regardless.  The movie hits Digital, On-Demand, and DVD on November 26th, check out the trailer below.

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