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Blake Lively Seeks Revenge in The Rhythm Section (Trailer)

By Zach

The last time most of us probably saw Blake Lively, she was battling sharks in The Shallows but in January, she’s on a Death Wishesque mission of revenge in The Rhythm Section.  Based on a novel by Mark Burnell and directed by The Handmaid Tale’s Reed Moreno, Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, whose life is destroyed when her family is killed in a plane crash.  Stephanie learns that the crash wasn’t an accident but that there was a bomb on-board and she sets out on a mission of revenge against the people that caused the bombing.  Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown co-star and it definitely seems unlike anything Blake Lively has done before.  Oh, and in case your confused about the title, it has to do with something from the book, and presumably the movie, about treating parts of your body like different parts of a band (the heart is the drums, for instance).  The movie is out on January 31st and you can check out the trailer below.


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