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Horror Villain of the Week: Dr. Anton Phibes

Posted on October 2, 2019 by

Name: Dr. Anton Phibes

Portrayed by: Vincent Prince

Origins: Dr. Phibes was a famous theology and music expert and concert organist.  He was racing home upon hearing about his wife’s death during a surgical procedure when he is in a horrible crash that disfigures him.  He is able to recreate his face via prosthetics and uses his knowledge of acoustics to recreate his voice and believes the medical team that operated on his wife was incompetent and plots an elaborate revenge scheme against them inspired by the 10 plagues of Egypt.  He later searches for the River of Life, which will revive his wife and allow them to spend eternity together.

Powers: Master planner, genius level intellect

Weapon(s) of Choice: Various animals and medical equipment

Main Adversaries: Dr. Versalius, Darius Biederbeck

See Dr. Phibes in Action:

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