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The Pull List – Red Sonja #9


The ambush in the woodlands has forced Sonja and her army to continue their search for new allies. As Dragan consumes more of Hyrkania, there are far and few groups that are willing to fight against the invaders. In desperation, she travels the desert to seek the aid of sorcerers at the Tower of Wigur-Nomadene. Many have traveled to the tower, but few ever survived their visit. Will Sonja find what she is looking for inside the tower, or will the tower claim another victim?

In a remote desert, far from any civilized settlements, the Tower of Wigur-Nomadene is home to powerful masters of illusions. Outside the tower are countless remains of people that have visited and each of them met a grim fate. Sonja is no stranger to the tower, she had alluded her past visit and knows the risk involved. But Sonja is forced to ask the sorcerers as her allies are dwindling and Dragan will become unstoppable if no one stands against him.

Back at the Hyrkanian base camp, the war council begins to lose faith in the war. Two members suggest a change to help the Hyrkanians survive Dragan forces, while others choose to wait beside their queen. The Hyrkanian morale is running low and Dragan’s army is nipping at their heels. Sonja has done so much to lead the Hyrkanians to safety, but now fraction within the council threatens to remove Sonja’s leadership.

Sonja’s frantic search for help beings to unravel the kingdom she has fought hard to maintain. She is driven by honor and revenge to fight Dragan, and anyone else that raises a sword against her. The riveting story and the fantastic artwork should keep readers tuned in to see where this series goes.

Red Sonja #9 will be on sale on Oct 2nd, 2019.

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