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Everything Action Theater: Mummies Alive!

By Zach

Mummies may have never been cooler than they were in the late 90s with the first Brendan Fraser Mummy movie hitting in 1999 and, two years earlier, the animated series Mummies Alive!  Running for one season in 1997, Mummies Alive! was DIC joint and centered around an evil sorcerer named Scarab who returns in the modern day to try and drain the life force from the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince, Rapses, who is now a San Fransisco teen named Presley Carnovan.  If Scarab kills Presley and drains his life force, he will become immortal.  With the reincarnation of the prince in trouble, his ancient guardians come back from the dead to protect him, a team of mummy warriors who can summon magical armor that grants them incredible strength and skills.  Along with Scarab, the Mummies have to deal with various Ancient Egyptian threats that threaten the modern world, including forms of the gods Anubis, Set, Bast, and more.  There were 42 episodes of the show total and it had a toyline from Hasbro and some scattered VHS and DVD releases since airing.  You can check out the whole first episode, “Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra”, below.

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