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Horror Villain of the Week: Pazuzu

Posted on October 9, 2019 by

Name: Pazuzu

Portrayed by: Eileen Dietz, Mercedes McCambridge (Vocal), Linda Blair (Vocal)

Origins: Pazuzu is an ancient demon that is constantly searching for a human host to possess, but can other forms like a swarm of locusts.  Pazuzu took over a pagan temple in Africa and murdered anyone who came near until he ultimately possessed a boy named Cheche.  Pazuzu was driven out of Cheche by Catholic priest Father Merrin and escaped by possessing a hyena.  Pazuzu’s evil force eventually arrived in America and possessed Regan MacNeil after she was playing with an Ouija board.

Powers: Possession of human hosts, bio and telekinesis, superhuman strength imbued into the human host

Weapon(s) of Choice: The aforementioned powers, whatever the human host can utilize

Main Adversaries: Father Merrin, Regan MacNeil, Father Karras

See Pazuzu in Action:

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