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The Pull List – Strayed #3

Posted on October 15, 2019 by

Countless planetary trips across the known galaxy have lead Lou to find a supreme being. Alix, an alien inhabiting a remote planet called Oblivia, makes contact with Lou’s Astro form. Waiting patiently for Lou’s arrival, Alix has been leaving hints on where to find Oblivia. Alix warns Lou about mankind’s corruption, similar to what Alix’s species had once done. As a lone survivor of a galactic war, Alix wishes to spare Lou the same fate. Elsewhere, Premier Peely meetings with an elder council to discuss the progress of Lou’s discovery and the next phase of the galactic conquest.

Lou has been following a trail of mysterious energy pod known as flowers, hoping to uncover the source. His searching finally takes him to meet Alix, the maker of the flowers. The dreams Lou has been having of distant lands and strange creatures have all been the efforts by Alix. From Oblivia, Alix is able to witness the terror mankind has caused the planets Lou has visited. Alix recognizes the greed and destruction from mankind and the fallout of all living life if not stopped.

Issue three brings Lou to confront the consequences of his mission. His only concern was making Kiara happy, uninformed of the actions of the military’s enslavement plan. The full impact has yet to hit Lou, but it will change how Lou and Kiara move forward together in the story. Premier Peely’s scheme for power appears to be larger than most people think, it’s proving he will stop at nothing to have total domination.

Strayed #3 will be on sale on October 16th, 2019.
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