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Horror Villain of the Week: Albert Wesker

Name: Albert Wesker

Portrayed by: Jason O’Mara (Resident Evil: Extinction), Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil: Afterlife thru The Final Chapter)

Origins: Albert Wesker is the second in command to Dr. Alexander Isaacs at Umbrella Corporation and personally murdered the former head of Umbrella, James Marcus, at Isaacs’ command.  When Dr. Isaacs goes into cryostasis with other high-ranking Umbrella officials, Wesker becomes the de facto head of Umbrella Corporation.  At some point, he infected himself with the T-Virus, which gave him superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration abilities and was one of the architects of the virus getting unleashed and causing a zombie apocalypse

Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, and regeneration, genius-level intelligence, master of martial arts and firearms

Weapon(s) of Choice: Dual Desert Eagles, Custom Beretta 92FS

Main Adversaries: Alice and her allies

See Wesker in Action:


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