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The Pull List – Killers #4

By Chris

The groups of former ninja agents converge to a remote mountain. Ninja-G and Ninja-F, along with the muted Ninja-E, make the trek together. Ninja-I and Ninja-J have put aside their differences and made their own alliances. Each group seeks out the Burning Monk and his prize treasure the Jonin wishes to retrieve. The quiet mountain top soon becomes a roaring battleground once the ninjas get down to doing what they do best.

The Burning Monk is a powerful mystic that long ago gave the Jonin life force extension with a crystalize tear. The five ninjas were tasked by the Jonin to retrieve another tear and promise to fulfill the desire of the first ninja return with the tear. The fives have divided into two teams, each with a temporary agreement to work together until they reach the Burning Monk. It will be a matter of time before the allies will have to face off to determine who will receive the tear, but that’s if anyone of them survives the Burning Monk’s challenge.

B. Clay Moore has been leading these super-skilled ninjas through gunfight, explosions and the occasional ninja standoff. This issue finally reveals the purpose of Jonin’s request and the trial that awaits the ninjas. There is a solid action sequence, with the ninjas fighting off another wave of masked assassins and eventual each other. Fernando Dagnino’s artwork captures all the power and speed of the characters, with the help of José Villarribia’s great colors.

Killers has been a non-stop martial arts story that is ready to send the series off with an all-out showdown that will reveal who is worthy of Burning Monk’s treasure, and who will get their reward in the end.

Killers #4 was released on October 16th, 2019.

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