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Horror Villain of the Week: The Djinn

Name: The Djinn aka The Wishmaster

Portrayed by: Andrew Divoff, John Novak

Origins: The Djinn is a member of an evil, ancient race of genies that have seemingly unlimited power to grant wishes to mortals.  The Djinn’s ultimate goal is to have the mortal that frees him make three wishes, which upon completion will allow the entire Djinn race to be free to conquer the Earth.  The Djinn are expert manipulators and shape-shifters and can take various human forms, however, their true form is a horrific demon-like creature.

Powers: Seemingly unlimited magic abilities to do things including manipulate time, bring inanimate objects to life and create life, immortality, master manipulation, shape-shifting

Weapon(s) of Choice: Manipulation of wishes to cause injury and death, demonic magic

Main Adversaries: Alexandra Amberson, Morgana Truscott, Diana Collins, Lisa Burnley

See The Djinn in Action:

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