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The Pull List – Bloodshot #2

Posted on October 29, 2019 by

Gunshots, explosions and helicopter fire can’t slow Bloodshot down. His body can take a beating while nanites rapidly repair the damage. Black Bar, a high tech paramilitary, has studied Bloodshot’s every moves and waiting for their chance to take down the high power killing machine. Ambushing Bloodshot in Yemen, Black Bar makes their move to attack Bloodshot. The odds are against Black Bar in the beginning, but they are prepared with a surprise weapon of their own.

Bloodshot’s destructive path of redemption leads him straight into General Grayle and his Black Bar agents. Wasting no time for pleasantries, immediately an intense confrontation begins. While Bloodshot leaps headfirst into danger, Black Bar has a few secret weapons in their arsenal. Wielding weapons that can target Bloodshot’s nanites, Black Bar manages to slow down Bloodshot’s body. Facing a new challenge, Bloodshot goes on the defensive until he figures out his new enemy.

Bloodshot continues the action pack comic that lets Bloodshot go wild. There’s a nice blend of violence and humor that only the creative team manages to pull off.  Tim Seely makes this iteration of Bloodshot feel like an 80s anti-hero that answers crazy situations with crazy responses. Brett Booth gives the story a very 90s flair with bulky futurist tech and big guns. The opening issues are a fun read and still have plenty of room for the story to grow.

Bloodshot #2 will be on sale on October 30. 2019.
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