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Horror Villain of the Week: Bughuul

By Zach

Name: Bughuul aka Mr. Boogie

Portrayed by: Nicholas King

Origins: An ancient, Babylonian deity, Bughuul gains his power from the souls of children and rules a realm separate from the mortal realm.  He is the brother of Moloch, who also requires the sacrifice of children to give him power.  When Moloch realized that Bughuul was trying to usurp his worship and source of power, he sealed Bughuul’s mouth with ash and silenced him for all of eternity.  In modern times, Bughuul forces children to record themselves performing horrific acts and Bughuul uses the film footage to enter the mortal realm and claim his victims’ souls.

Powers: Invisibility, teleportation, dark influence over children

Weapon(s) of Choice: Evil powers, the children he controls

Main Adversaries: Ellison Oswalt, Deputy, Courtney Wheeler-Collins

See Bughuul in Action:

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