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It’s a Super Powered Dystopia in Code 8 (Trailer)

Robbie and Stephen Amell are teaming up (and seemingly facing off) in the upcoming dystopian superhero movie Code 8.  Robbie Amell plays Connor Reed, who is one of the 4% of the population in the movie’s universe that is born with superpowers.  However, instead of becoming superheroes, they are discriminated against and forced to live in slums by the militarized police force, with most of the people with abilities being forced into lives of crime.  Connor is approached by Garret (Stephen Amell) to join a crew working for the city’s main drug kingpin, Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Byrk), which Connor accepts as he needs money to help his ailing mother.  Sung Kang plays a cop trying to track down and stop the crew.  The movie is based on a short film that was released in 2016 that had most of the main cast in it and the director of the short, Jeff Chan, is directing the movie as well.  Code 8 is out in theaters and On Demand on December 13th and you can check out the trailer below.

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