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News Shotgun 11/16

  • Sin City TV series in Development: A Dame to Kill For wasn’t the greatest movie by any stretch of the imagination but Robert Rodriguez is still apparently heading back to the black and white hellhole of Sin City for a TV series with Legendary, or possibly two shows.  Frank Miller is also in talks and the details of his deal are that Legendary guarantees the first season of a live-action Sin City series and secure a network for it and there’s also apparently possibly an R rated animated series that would be a Sin City prequel.
  • Patrick Wilson returning as Ocean Master for Aquaman 2: Patrick Wilson will be back as Orm the Ocean Master for the upcoming Aquaman 2, which is set for a December 2022 release.  James Wan is returning as director and star Jason Momoa and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick finished completing the script.  Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is also returning as Black Manta.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewed for Season 8: The seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a few months away from premiering but NBC has already renewed the beloved comedy for season 8.  Last season was the first season of B99 on NBC after Fox canceled the series but fan uproar led to the Peacock picking up the series and saving it.
  • Nicolas Cage in talks to play Nicolas Cage: In what may be the most insane movie of his career, Nicolas Cage is in talks to play Nicolas Cage in a meta-movie called The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.  Cage would play a heightened version of himself, who is hoping to get a role in a new Quentin Tarantino film and talks to a version of himself from the 90s, who chides him for making crappy movies and not being as big a star anymore.  Cage is also drowning in debt and takes a job appearing at a Mexican drug kingpin’s birthday but he’s recruited by the CIA to gather intelligence while he is in attendance.
  • Clive Owen joins American Crime Story: Impeachment: The next season of American Crime Story is going to be focused on the Monica Lewinsky scandal and they’ve found their Bill Clinton with Clive Owen.  Sarah Paulson is playing Linda Tripp, Booksmart’s Beanie Feldstein is playing Lewinsky and Annaleigh Ashford is playing Paula Jones.  The third season is currently looking at a September 2020 premiere date on FX.
  • Black Adam gets a release date: The Rock’s big entry into the DCEU finally has a release date to go along with the first poster that The Rock revealed on his Instagram feed.  Black Adam is arriving on December 22, 2021, and his Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Sera is directing.
  • Beverly Hills Cop 4 bought by Netflix: Eddie Murphy will be back on Netflix following My Name is Dolemite as the streaming service has bought the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4 from Paramount.  This will be the first time Netflix is fully in control of a studio property they purchased, as BHC4 as only in the early stages of development and was going to be shot by Paramount after Coming to America 2.  There’s also an option for Netflix to develop a Beverly Hills Cop 5 as well.
  • Mark Wahlberg rejoins Uncharted movie: It shows how long the Uncharted movie has been in development that Mark Wahlberg has come full circle from being the original choice to play Nathan Drake to now being in talks to co-star with Tom Holland as Sully.  Travis Knight, who brought us Bumblebee, is currently signed on to direct but the movie has gone through a slew of directors since first being announced.
  • The Witcher renewed for Season 2: Netflix is apparently confident in what they have with The Witcher as they’ve given the series a second season before the first season launches in December.  The second season will go into production next year and the second season will most likely have a 2021 release.
  • Netflix and Nickelodeon solidify their partnership: In the face of Disney+ (and it’s new 10 million subscribers) Netflix and Nickelodeon have solidified their partnership to bring original and classic content to the streaming service.  Netflix has previously gotten new movie continuations of Rocko’s Modern Life and Invader Zim and there is a Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles special on the way.  More classic properties could get revivals on the service and original content developed by Netflix and Nick is on the way as well.  It might be a bigger counterpunch to Disney if they actually got all the old catalogs of 90s Nick shows on Netflix.
  • Point Horror anthology series coming to HBO Max: HBO Max is getting some 90s teen horror as an adaptation of the book series Point Horror is coming to the upcoming streaming service, under the title Point Fear.  Point Horror was a teen-focused book series that featured all-stars like RL Stine and Christopher Pike writing entries.  Stine will be an executive producer on the series.
  • Titans Renewed for Season 3: The flagship series of DC Universe is getting a third season as Titans has been renewed.  The second season is currently airing on DC Universe but it’s not clear what the future of the app is, as there’s a chance it might be fully integrated into the aforementioned HBO Max.  Doom Patrol is already going to be on HBO Max as part of a deal to renew that series for a second season, with the first season being a day one title when HBO Max launches in the spring of next year.

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