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The Pull List – Bloodshot #3

When a surprise superweapon is unleashed on Bloodshot,  the unstoppable one-man army gets brought down to his knees. Or whatever Bloodshot’s knees become when they are liquified. Eidolon, a psiot working with Black Bar, manages to de-stable Bloodshot’s body, turning the powerful soldier into a melted mess. Now Bloodshot tries to hold his own against Black Bar’s most powerful agent, but it may be too much for his molten hands to handle.

Bloodshot has taken an insane amount of damage in his missions, soaking up bullet wounds without even flinching. That is all due to his nanomachines making countless repairs to his body. But what happens when the body is radical altered? The psiot Eidolon has the ability to alter DNA, causing the human body to breakdown. Squaring off with Bloodshot, Eidolon makes sure his encounter hits Bloodshot hard. Even with all of Bloodshot’s strength, his body is vulnerable to Eidolon’s ability. Eidolon quickly becomes a top adversary can weaken Bloodshot in a very effective way.

While it looked like Bloodshot was going to blast his way out of trouble, he meets someone that can stop him dead in his tracks. This issue reveals Eidolon’s connection to Bloodshot and how she is his newest nemesis. However, Tim Seeley doesn’t just add in one powerful villain and call it a day. A big shake-up expands the scope of the story and leads Bloodshot down an exciting unpredictable path.

Bloodshot #3 was released on November 20th, 2019.

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