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News Shotgun 11/23

  • Channing Tatum developing an adaptation of The Maxx: Channing Tatum and producer Roy Lee are developing a live-action adaptation of the 90s Image comic The Maxx.  The Maxx was the alternate universe alter ego of a homeless man and it previously got a 13 episode animated series on MTV in 1995.  It’s not clear if Tatum will also star in the project and if the project is a TV series or a movie.
  • John Turturro joins The Batman: Matt Reeves’s The Batman got another villain this week as John Turturro has signed on to play crime boss Carmine Falcone. This seems to possibly add more evidence that Reeves’s movie is going to be some sort of adaptation of The Long Halloween, where the Falcones played a major role.
  • Stargirl will debut on The CW after DC Universe premiere: The upcoming Stargirl series starring Brec Bassinger is going to be the first DC Universe series to air on network television outside the digital streaming service as it was revealed this week that the day after episodes debut on DC Universe, they will air on The CW and be available on CW’s app and website as well.  Bassinger is set to debut as the character on the imminent Crisis on Infinite Earths mega-crossover that begins on The CW on December 8th.
  • New Half-Life game announced: It’s not Half-Life 3 but Valve is finally returning to the Half-Life universe with an upcoming VR game, Half-Life: Alyx.  The game is a prequel set between Half-Life and Half-Life 2 where you play as Alyx Vance, who joined forces with Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2 and it’s episodic follow-ups. The game will be available on all VR headsets like Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality and will feature all the hallmarks of Half-Life, according to Valve.  Alyx will also get “Gravity Gloves” that will operate much like Gordon’s iconic Gravity Gun.
  • Robocop Returns gets a new director: After the exit of Neill Blomkamp, Robocop Returns has gotten a new director in Abe Forsythe, who most recently directed the Lupito Nyong’o starring zombie movie Little Monsters for Hulu.  Robocop Returns is planned to be a direct sequel to the original Robocop, much like recent entries in the Halloween and Terminator franchise.
  • Noah Hawley writing and directing a new Star Trek film: The creator of Legion and Fargo has signed on to direct the fourth film in the JJ Abrams started Star Trek series featuring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, and Karl Urban.  There are no plot details as of yet.  Hawley wrapped up Legion earlier this year and Fargo Season 4 is coming soon to FX with Chris Rock starring.
  • MCU stars reunite for Steven Soderbergh: Josh Brolin, Sebastian Stan, and Don Cheadle are reuniting for a new Steven Soderbergh movie, Kill Switch.  The movie is a crime drama set in the 1950s and the trio will play criminals who commit a home invasion but begin to think they’ve been double-crossed.
  • Vikings sequel series hitting Netflix: Vikings will end on History Channel with the upcoming sixth season but the series will continue with a sequel show on Netflix called Vikings: Valhalla.  Creator Michael Hirst is returning for the new series and it will jump ahead in history 100 years to follow legendary characters like Leif Erickson, Freydis, Harald Harada and William the Conqueror.  Netflix is also apparently looking to get the rights to the original Vikings series, which is currently available on Hulu and Amazon.
  • Daniel Craig confirms he’s done as James Bond: Daniel Craig confirmed during a recent interview that he’s done playing James Bond after the upcoming No Time To Die.  He also has no interest in directing an entry in the series either.  No Time to Die arrives in April next year.
  • Lord of the Rings Amazon series already renewed: Amazon has already renewed its upcoming Lord of the Rings series for a second season.  There’s not much detail about what the show will be about, although it’s set in the Second Age of Middle Earth, when the Rings of Power were forged.  Markella Kavenagh, Will Poulter, and Joseph Mawle have been cast so far for the series.
  • Netflix developing a Chinatown prequel series: Netflix is teaming up with Robert Towne and David Fincher to develop a pilot for a prequel series set before the classic film Chinatown that would follow a younger Jake Gittes in LA as a PI.  Towne wrote Chinatown’s script and won an Oscar for it and he’ll work on the script for this pilot with Fincher and both of them will also executive produce it (Netflix hopes Fincher will direct the pilot as well).
  • Runaways ending with Season 3: Marvel’s Runaways will end with the upcoming third season, becoming the final series that was run by Jeph Loeb.  Kevin Feige is overseeing all Marvel content and is focusing things more on tying in directly to the MCU, like the upcoming MCU shows on Disney+.
  • The King’s Man delayed: The upcoming Kingsman prequel, The King’s Man, has been delayed to September 18th from February 14th.  The apparent thinking behind the shift was that Valentine’s Day was too crowded with the Sonic movie and Fantasy Island from Blumhouse coming out that same weekend.  It will be up against Michael B. Jordan’s Tom Clancy movie Without Remorse instead.
  • Better Call Saul gets a season 5 premiere: The original Breaking Bad has taken back the spotlight recently with El Camino but the equally great Better Call Saul is finally coming back for its fifth season with a two-night premiere event on February 23rd and 24th on AMC.  The fifth season will consist of 10 episodes.

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