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Battle at the Box Office 11/25

Shocking absolutely no one, Frozen II dominated both the domestic and worldwide box office with a record-shattering debut.

Frozen II took in $130 million for its domestic opening weekend, which is the highest animated opening ever not during the summer and the fifth-biggest November opening between Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  It was higher than Toy Story 4 and Aladdin but not quite the same level as The Lion King, which made $191.7 million in its opening weekend.  The original Frozen made $67.4 million its opening weekend, so obviously Frozen II shattered that but the original Frozen had almost supernatural staying power, lasting for months in theaters and eventually racking up over $1.2 billion worldwide.  With not a lot of competition in the family sector, and especially with Thanksgiving and the holiday season ramping up, Frozen II seems like it is set up to possibly be as big, or bigger, than the first movie.  Worldwide, Frozen II made over $358 million.

Ford vs Ferrari dropped about 50% from last weekend’s box office topping debut and made another $15.7 million, bringing it to $57.7 million domestic and over $103.5 million worldwide.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood debuted in third place with $13.3 million.  It’s a little disappointing based on the rapturous reviews it got but it’s probably an awards contender and it could hold steady in the next few weeks.

21 Bridges and Midway rounded out the top 5, with the former debuting with $9.3 million.  It’s slightly above the similar Black & Blue that came out a few weeks ago but slightly below similar movies like End of Watch and Street Kings.  It was the second-lowest opening for Chadwick Boseman, only beating Marshall but, to be fair, most of his movies are massive MCU joints.

Further down the list, Charlie’s Angels crashed and burned after last week’s disastrous opening falling 61% to eighth place with $3.2 million.

Frozen II, unsurprisingly, also took the Per Theater average, making $29,339 in each of the 4,440 theaters it played in.

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