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The Pull List – Red Sonja #11

Posted on December 4, 2019 by

Hyrkania falls under Zamora’s control, but Sonja continues her war against the brutal conqueror. Dragan used every resource his army could throw at Sonja, but nothing seemed to make Sonja yield. Even after removing Sonja from the Hyrkanian throne, Dragan is not satisfied until Sonja is dead. However, just when Dragan thinks he has prey cornered, Sonja heads for the throat of the Zamora’s supply line: a bridge connecting Zamora and Hyrkania. If Sonja manages to hold the bridge long enough, she cut off the supplies to the Zamora troops and make Dragan an easier target.

The relentless pursuit of Dragan had taken its toll on Sonja and her remaining followers. But being chased reminds Sonja of an old lesson taught by her old mentor Domo. Being quick and nimble can take away the advantage of a large foe. Her small size army does not need as many resources to maintain as the massive Zamoran army. Each step forward drains the Zamoran of precious supplies and deeper into unfamiliar land. Sonja regains her confidence to attack Dragan and make sure it hits where it hurts.

This issue perfectly lays out the next act between Sonja and Dragan. The story was lead to other areas of Hyrkania or Sonja getting betrayed. Mark Russell’s retains a fun sense of humor with great character banter. Dragan is cocky as ever and blissfully ignorant of what is waiting for him. Mirko Colak also ups some of the comedy factors with a depiction of a slap like no other.

Red Sonja #11 revisits the tension of the two warlords trying their best to outsmart each other and can only get more intense as the story goes on.

Red Sonja #11 was released on December 4th, 2019.
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