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Locke & Key Arrives in February on Netflix (Trailer)

After a few misstarts at other networks and a failed pilot at Fox, Joe Hill’s excellent horror graphic novel series Locke & Key is finally getting an adaptation on Netflix next month.  The story follows the Locke siblings, who move into their father’s ancestral home in Massachusetts after he is murdered.  They soon find the house has a series of keys and doors, all of which have fantastical and dangerous powers, like the ability to become a ghost or open someone’s mind and take out or add memories as you see fit.  An ancient evil wants the keys and the Lockes have to figure out a way to stop it or else the entire world could be at stake.  Carlton Cuse is producing the series along with IT director Andy Muschietti and the series will be 10 episodes for the first season.  All episodes drop on February 7th and you can check out the trailer below.

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