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The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #1

Posted on January 28, 2020 by

The last superheroes people would call have returned and are back to get into the spotlight. Eric and Woodrow “Woody” Henderson are brothers that were given cosmic powers in a laboratory explosion. Fighting crime as the duo, “Quantum and Woody”, the brothers have been hailed as heroes and criminals, depending on how they saved the day. After a brief hiatus from the public, Woody gets a premonition which leads to the brothers to suit up and become heroes once again. However, their first stint back takes them to a family of villains that easily give the brothers more than a warm-up match.

As so many unusual events, Eric and Woody are unfazed by extraordinary sights. From crazed scientists, alternate realities, secret societies, and destabilizing modules, Eric and Woody have dealt the odd affair now and then. But neither one seems to know how to handle Woody’s new premonition ability. This mysterious new power gives cryptic clues about imminent events, and Woody doesn’t turn down an opportunity to gain some fame and quickly tries to make the best out of the situation. With no real control of his premonition power, Woody drags Eric back into the superhero business in hopes of improving their public image.

Writer Christopher Hastings does an excellent job capturing what fans enjoy about the mismatch super duo. The brothers openly clash with bricking over the smallest details and still hold onto grudges just to bring it back in later arguments, as real brothers do! Hastings also continues to expand on the rogues’ gallery of wacky villains with the Kammerjäger family. This group looks like the wholesome and loving family, but are all villains that spend family time as hired killers. It’s a pleasant take on the nuclear family with a dark secret.

The art is handled by Ryan Browne and Ruth Redmond, and their combine designs give the world a more cartoonish vibe. There are a ton of extra details in the background, with lots of reactions happening from the environment and other characters. Eric and Woody travel into a dirty sewer, where Woody seems to be enjoying his adventure, Eric isn’t having a great time dealing with the debris and rats they encounter. There is a great sense of comedy tones that sync up with the humorist writing.

Issue one is a great entry to drop in and familiarize yourself with the titular characters and the fun story arc that will be sure to throw in some unexpected twist. 

Quantum and Woody #1 will be released on January 29, 2020.

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