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The Pull List – Red Sonja & Vampirella meet Betty & Veronica #8

By Chris

A mysterious connection between a dead scientist and a biotech firm brings the group to Pulaski Pharma. The firm is working on cutting edge technology, but there is something more sinister is hiding underneath the laboratory. Under the pretense of an interview, Betty and Veronica speak to Jack Pulaski, the founder of the company with a rare blood illness. They question Jack about the death of Gautam Mukherjee, the lead scientist that was killed in front of the girls. However, things get complicated when Draculina arrives and has new plans for the pharmaceutical company.

From the quiet streets of Riverdale to the mysterious laboratory of Pulaski Pharma, the heroines move closer to finding out the truth behind the murdered scientist. Jack Pulaski, the ambitious businessman, appears to be unaware of the strange death of one of his employees. His focus has been trying to cure himself of a rare illness by means of a supernatural gift.  But the gift turns out to be Draculina and her role with Pulaski is just one of many schemes she has in motion.

Issue eight reveals the motivations behind the strange occurrences in Riverdale, the murder plot and Vampirella’s connection to Draculina. Betty and Veronica get to try out their investigation skills, trying to snoop for clues with Jack Pulaski.  It ties in a few loose ends while introducing some fun story elements to explore. There is a greater conspiracy that will bring the group across time and space in the next issue.

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