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The Pull List – Red Sonja #13

The threat of Dragan the Magnificent is no more, but Sonja troubles are not over. Hyrkania is left in ruins after the Zamorans leave; homes have been destroyed, crops burnt and the many people wounded from battles. While the Hyrkanians have survived the war, the approaching winter season may finish what Dragan had started. With no choice, Sonja must rally her remaining officers to save the Hyrkanians before the people starve to death.

The cat and mouse game Dragan and Sonja had played reached a grand finale, leaving Sonja the victor and Dragan meeting a fitting end. Through cunning tactics and skillful warriors, Sonja was able to strike a devastating blow to the Zamoran Empire. However, the war did have a cost and its consequences are affecting Hyrkania. Sonja must now deal with a kingdom that is running out of resources. Each day, more people grow hungry and grow hopeless. Winter in Hyrkania is merciless and will take the lives of those who are not prepared. Sonja faces a difficult choice as her kingdom struggles to heal itself.

Sonja’s role as a Queen has not been kind to her. Tricked to face Dragan’s wraith, Sonja has been ambushed and betrayed multiple times in her short reign. She has yet to enjoy the perks of being pampered, respected and loved. This new story arc sees Sonja take on the fallout of the war and some demons of her past. Defeating a maniac conqueror reminded Sonja what was worth saving in Hyrkania and now this newest challenge will see how far she is willing to go to protect it.

Red Sonja #13 was released on February 8th, 2020.

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