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Musical Montage: The Smithereens “Time Won’t Let Me”

There are lots of memorable things about the JCVD classic Timecop from Van Damme’s glorious mullet to the kitchen counter split to the wonderfully smarmy Ron Silver but its soundtrack isn’t one of those things.  That might change though after you watch the video for The Smithereens’ cover of “Time Won’t Let Me”.  “Time Won’t Let Me” was originally recorded by The Outsiders in the mid-60s, with that version peaking at #5 on the Billboard charts. The Smithereens version didn’t hit any sort of charts and there doesn’t even seem to be a soundtrack album for Timecop, there’s only an album for the score by Marc Isham.  The song has been covered numerous times before and since but this is the only version has JCVD in the music video.  JCVD seems to be both producing the song but also trying to send The Smithereens back in time?  It is wonderfully cheesy and you can check it out below thanks to JCVD’s official YouTube channel.

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