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Everything Action Theater: Saturday Supercade

The Everything Action crew is in Boston for PAX East 2020 as you read this (unless it’s next week, month or years later) and while they’re checking out a ton of games that will be arriving in the near future, Everything Action Theater is going back to the past for the early 80s animated series Saturday Supercade.  Debuting in September 1983 and running for two seasons until December 1984, the show was a collection of animated segments featuring characters from some of the hottest games at the time, like Frogger, Q-Bert, Pitfall, Donkey Kong and Kangaroo(?).  There were definitely a lot of liberties taken to turn these arcade classics into something that could sustain multiple episodes and so you got things like Frogger turning into an amphibian reporter, Q-Bert being a 50s teen comedy and more.  The show featured the voice talents of people like Soupy Sales, Frank Welker, Peter Cullen (who was the first to voice Mario in an animated series) and Bob Sarlette.  You can check out an entire episode below, which is the first episode that aired on September 17th, 1983 and features Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr and Pitfall.

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