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Battle at the Box Office 3/16

While things started to seem a bit apocalyptic last week as things begin to shut down across the US, it was truly devastating at movie theaters over the weekend, as it was one of the worst weekends in decades for box office performance.

Onward managed to stay on top of the box office charts but suffered a massive 73% drop from last weekend, only making another $10.6 million and it has $60.4 million so far for two weeks out.  The movie also only made another $6.8 million internationally, with many countries having already shut down all their movie theaters due to Covid-19.  So far, Onward has a worldwide total of $101.7 million but Disney/Pixar was probably thinking it was going to be well beyond that point before the crisis.

Bloodshot opened to second place with $9.2 million.  That puts it below Babylon AD and ahead of Boiler Room on Vin Diesel’s opening weekend list.  The movie made $15.1 million worldwide for a total so far of $24.2 million.

I Still Believe took third place with $9.1 million.  That’s slightly below the first God’s Not Dead but nowhere near I Can Only Imagine, the success of which I Still Believe was definitely trying to capitalize before most audiences decided to hunker down at home.

The Invisible Man and The Hunt rounded out the top 5, with The Hunt opening to $5.3 million.  That is well below this year’s two previous Blumhouse movies, the aforementioned Invisible Man and Fantasy Island, but is above the opening for last year’s Black Christmas.  In an unprecedented move, both The Invisible Man and The Hunt will be available to rent digitally at home for $19.99 this coming Friday to try and mitigate the losses as theaters will be either totally closed or operating at minimal capacity for the foreseeable future.

Overall, this was the worst 11th week of the year since 1995 and the worst overall weekend since September 2000, with the top ten making a combined $50.4 million.

The Per Theater average went to Inside the Rain, which made $8,140 in the one theater it played in over the weekend.


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