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The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #3

Quantum and Woody’s comeback from wanted criminals to heroes had hit a few bumps along the way but has gained a valuable great mentor. The Apprehension, a mythical superhero thought to have been retired, brings the Henderson brothers under her tutelage. While Quantum endures harrowing training, Woody has been relying on his newfound premonition power to pull his weight. And his latest prediction leads the two back to their old school to confront their latest assignment.

Writer Christopher Hastings carefully stack misfortunes into a series of hilarious blunders. Quantum and Woody botch ambush for Dr. Toilet lead to an opportunity to work with the Apprehension. Hastings introduces the Apprehension as the strong mentor figure, the missing voice of reason to help the brothers. She has guides the brothers to talk about their feelings and prevent their emotions from getting the better of them. Yet some habits are hard to quite, and one of them is Woody’s occasional habit of fibbing the truth. Woody’s unforeseen power just happens to be part of a grand scheme that will undoubtedly blowback in surprising ways.

All the humor and jabs of the plot are finely tuned by the artistry of Ryan Browne, Ruth Redmond, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Browne’s exaggerated art style shows off the playful dynamic between the Quantum and Woody with funny poses and expressions. Redmond and Otsmane-Elhaou keep the atmosphere light and cheerful. Redmond’s choice of bright colors and dramatic use of red keeps the action moving nicely. Otsmane-Elhaou uses a good mix of fonts to poke fun at the silly moments.

Quantum and Woody #3 feels self-aware and balances a good amount of plot development and fourth-wall-breaking winks. This issue brings a twist to the story arc and is worth a read to see where it will take the heroes next.

Quantum and Woody #3 was released on March 25th, 2020.

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