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Everything Action Theater: Cube

By Zach

While we’re all stuck inside during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, at least we’re at home and not stuck in a deathtrap like the characters in 1997’s Cube.  The film debut of the excellent Vincenzo Natali, who has since directed movies like Splice and In the Tall Grass along with episodes of Hannibal, Luke Cage, Locke & Key and American Gods, Cube centers around 6 strangers who find themselves in a seemingly neverending maze of interlocking cubes, most of which have some sort of deadly traps, like poison gas or razor wire.  Each person is seemingly there for a particular reason, like Worth, who helped design the “Cube”, Kazan who is an autistic savant and Leaven, a mathamatics student.  Cube is definitely more of a thinking man’s sci-fi movie, more toward the Primer end of the spectrum, as a lot of the reveals revolve around math theory, like prime numbers and Cartesian coordinates, but you also get the visceral thrills of something like a Saw as people are maimed and killed by the various traps.  You can check out the whole movie below thanks to YouTube.

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