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Everything Actioncast Ep 479 “Quibi, Bad Boys, A Goofy Movie, Extraction and More”

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This week on the podcast, Zach and Chris talk about the launch of Quibi, Chris Hemsworth action with Extraction, the 25th anniversaries of Bad Boys and A Goofy Movie, Onward and more.

  • News: Extraction trailer and CBS bringing back Sunday Night Movies with Raiders of the Lost Ark, Titanic and more.
  • Movie Time Machine: April 6th, 1990: Ernest Goes to Jail, April 7th, 1995: A Goofy Movie, 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up, Bad Boys, Rob Roy, and April 9th, 2010: Game Night.
  • Show and Tell: Chris saw Onward and both of the guys saw all of Tiger King while Zach also checked out the launch line-up of Quibi, including Survive, Memory Hole, Most Dangerous Game, Flipped and more.

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