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Everything Action Theater: The Gate

The 80s was a golden age for movies featuring tiny monsters, with the heavy-hitters obviously being stuff like Gremlins and Ghoulies but 1987’s The Gate has developed a cult following and you can watch the whole thing in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Starring Stephen Dorff in his debut role as Glen, he and his friend Terry (Louis Tripp) discover a mysterious hole in Glen’s backyard that they eventually realize is some sort of evil portal that unleashes an army of tiny demons who are trying to unleash even more powerful ancient evils.  The movie’s creatures are a fantastic combination of stop-motion and forced perspective with actors in suits and while it got mixed reviews when it originally came out, it has become a cult classic and also got a sequel in 1990 from the same director as the first, Tibor Takacs.  The whole movie is below to check out thanks to YouTube.

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