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News Shotgun 6/13

  • Tenet, Wonder Woman shift release dates: WB was hoping Tenet would usher movie lovers back to theaters at the beginning of July but with a majority of states still in various levels of reopening and uncertainty from the major theater chains, Warner Bros has pushed Christopher Nolan’s latest to the end of July, July 31st.  This forced several release dates to shuffle, most notably Wonder Woman 1984 moving from August to October 2nd.
  • Patrick Wilson starring in Moonfall: Patrick Wilson is reteaming with his Midway director Roland Emmerich for the director’s next disaster epic, Moonfall.  Wilson will star as a disgraced astronaut who is called back into action when the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a mysterious force and is on a collision course with Earth.  Josh Gad, Halle Berry, and Charlie Plummer are co-starring.
  • RIP Denny O’Neil: A true comic legend passed away this week as Denny O’Neil died at age 81.  O’Neil worked on Doctor Strange and X-Men at Marvel but is probably most famous for his runs at DC, including the legendary Green Lantern/Green Arrow comic with Neal Adams and an equally legendary run on Batman where he created Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul.  He also worked as an editor for both companies and put Frank Miller on Daredevil for his classic run on that book.
  • New Children of the Corn may be a prequel: One of the few movies that have been able to finish production with no interruptions during the Coronavirus pandemic, the new Children of the Corn movie wrapped and a new plot synopsis seems to indicate it’s a prequel to the Stephen King story where we’ll see the events that led to the children of Gatlin, NE to start worshipping an evil deity in the cornfields of town and murder all the adults. Equilibrium director Kurt Wimmer directed the movie.
  • Pierce Brosnan starring in new sci-fi movie Youth: Former Bond and current delightful character actor Pierce Brosnan is starring in an upcoming sci-fi drama called Youth.  The premise is that sometime in the future, a company called Renewal can perform a procedure to de-age people.  Brosnan is an ad executive who is at retirement age but his company doesn’t want to lose his skills and expertise, so they pay for him and his wife to have the procedure.  Brosnan’s wife comes out fine and back in her 20s but Brosnan’s procedure goes wrong and he starts to rapidly age.
  • Live PD and Cops canceled: As a response to the worldwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism, two long-running police reality shows were canceled by their respective networks this week.  Live PD was canceled by A&E despite being one of the most-watched shows on cable and Cops was canceled by Paramount Network.  Live PD drew even more controversy after the cancelation after it came out that the series had captured and then destroyed footage of a man named Javier Ambler being killed by police in Austin, TX.
  • New Unsolved Mysteries arrives in July: Netflix is bringing back the iconic true crime/mystery series Unsolved Mysteries with a reboot premiering on July 1st.  The six episodes of the new show will debut on that date and each episode focuses on one specific case, as opposed to the multiple stories of the original series.  The new show will keep the mix of reenactments and archival footage, although it won’t have a host like the legendary Robert Stack of the original series.  Some of the mysteries explored in the first season include the death of Rey Rivera, the disappearance of Patrice Endres, and the Berkshire UFO.
  • New Evil Dead movie on the way: A new entry in the Evil Dead franchise is on the way, although it won’t feature beloved hero Ash Williams or tie into the reboot by Fede Alvarez.  Evil Dead Now is the title of the new movie, which will be a standalone story following a new main character. Sam Raimi is executive producing and personally selected director Lee Cronin to direct the movie. Cronin most recently directed the A24 horror movie The Hole in the Ground from last year.  Cronin will write the movie as well.
  • Hartley Sawyer fired from The Flash: Hartley Sawyer, who played Ralph Dibney aka The Elongated Man, on The Flash was fired from the series this week after racist and misogynistic old tweets resurfaced from his Twitter account.  His account has subsequently been deleted and the actor issued an apology on Instagram but he will not return to the series for its upcoming seventh season. This is the second CW show that has been put into a lurch due to cast shakeups, Batwoman has to figure out how to proceed without its former star Ruby Rose, who quit the series and now The Flash will have to figure out how to write out Ralph Dibney, even though one of the major cliffhangers from the season finale this past spring involved the character Sue Dearborn, who Ralph is inextricably tied to.

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