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Musical Montage: Johnny Squares “Welcome to the Jungle”

Things got kind of weird in the fifth and final Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool.  The no-nonsense SFPD detective becomes involved in a case where San Fransisco celebrities are being killed in seemingly random crimes and accidents but it turns out that there is a sick “Dead Pool” game occurring, where the participants try to predict when said celebrities will die.  Along with featuring a fresh-faced Liam Neeson as film director Peter Swan, the movie also briefly features Jim Carrey, two years before he would join the cast of In Living Color and years before he became a 90s megastar.  Carrey plays rocker Johnny Squares, who is starring in a slasher movie for Swan, a movie which for some reason needs a full, Exorcist-themed music video where Squares is lip-syncing to Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” or they are trying to pass it off like it’s a Johnny Squares original (it’s somewhat unclear).  What muddies things further is that GNR shows up in the movie when *spoiler* Johnny Squares becomes the first victim on the Dead Pool.  The entire music video segment is arguably the weirdest thing ever featured in the Dirty Harry franchise and you can check out the whole thing below.

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