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Everything Action Theater: Oculus

By Zach

Mike Flanagan is currently one of our greatest masters of horror with films like Doctor Sleep, Gerald’s Game, Ouija: Origin of Evil and Haunting of Hill House and it’s upcoming sequel season.  After his indie movie Absentia in 2011, 2013’s Oculus was his first big studio hit and what really put him on the map as a horror director to watch.  Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites co-star as siblings, Kaylie and Tim.  A tragic event when they were children put Tim in a psychiatric hospital under the belief that he murdered his parents but Kaylie is convinced an antique mirror they had in their home is home to evil supernatural powers.  Having gotten work at an auction house, Kaylie has managed to get the mirror back in her possession and sets up a plan to document its evil powers, thereby proving Tim innocent.  The mirror is unwilling to give up its secrets and the siblings begin to experience horrific hallucinations and the past and present seem to begin to bend in on each other.  The entire movie is an awesome mindfuck and you can check out the whole movie below thanks to YouTube.



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