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Musical Montage: Chesney Hawkes “The One and Only”

Hailing from the UK, Chesney Hawkes has been a singer, songwriter, and occasional actor since he started his career at age 19.  He co-starred alongside the legendary Roger Daltrey for a UK movie called Buddy’s Song where Hawkes played an aspiring musician whose father is mixed up with criminals.  From that movie came his biggest hit, “The One and Only”, which spent five weeks at #1 on the UK and reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 here in the states.  The song later appeared in the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood as the opening credits song and was also used in two of Duncan Jones’ movies, Moon and Source Code , and became a meme on Counterstrike servers.  The music video for the song is based around Buddy’s Song and features Hawkes as his character Buddy, who comes out of a movie screen where a couple of girls are watching the film and keeps getting pulled back and eventually Daltrey comes out of the screen and chases the couple around the theater.  Check it out below.

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