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Preview of Play NYC 2020

Playcrafting is bringing Play NYC from the big apple to the gigantic internet for its fourth annual show. Starting August 10th, Play NYC will be hosting a live stream of game panels, demos, and tournaments from game developers based in New York. Over the course of six days, there will be 105 games on display, 63 panels, and 30 exclusive downloadable demos. And the best part, it’s free for everyone to attend.


Play NYC brings together a huge collection of games and it’s creators. There is a wide assortment of game development styles, from student games, indie studios, and a few AAA companies. These creators showcase diverse gameplay and unique experiences.  Some games look to bring a fresh take on a classic idea, educate through entertainment, or totally re-invent gaming. The games are in different stages of development, some in early prototypes and others near the tail end of their development. A full list of exhibitors can be found here.

Tickets for this free virtual event can be found here. The first talk for Aug 10th starts at 5:00 PM EST with an opening ceremony Playcrafting’s CEO Dan Butchko. The best way to see all the events is to sign up and get email updates for the course of events, plus attendees will receive a $100 off discount for Playcrafting’s online course. And a chance to win a game key code!

For anyone who loves games or is looking to see what goes on behind the scenes of game development, Play NYC is the place to be!

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